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Data Analytics


Data analytics is the key to unlocking the hidden potential within vast amounts of data. By employing advanced algorithms and statistical techniques, it transforms raw information into actionable insights, empowering organizations to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and drive success in an increasingly data-driven world.

Program Features

About Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of examining, transforming, and interpreting large volumes of data to uncover patterns, extract insights, and support decision-making. It involves collecting relevant data from various sources and cleaning it to ensure accuracy. By exploring and visualizing the data, analysts can gain a deeper understanding of its characteristics and identify key trends. Statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and other analytical techniques are then applied to analyze the data, revealing patterns, relationships, and valuable insights. These insights are interpreted and communicated effectively to stakeholders, enabling data-driven decision-making. Data analytics has widespread applications across industries and plays a crucial role in optimizing processes, improving strategies, and gaining a competitive edge. It relies on tools and technologies such as programming languages, statistical software, data visualization tools, and advanced techniques like data mining and machine learning. Ultimately, data analytics empowers organizations to harness the power of data to drive innovation, make informed decisions, and achieve their business objectives.

Program Features

Shareable Certificate

Earn a Certificate after Course completion

Internship Opportunities

A chance for students or young professionals to gain valuable experience

Lab Sessions

We Provide 80% Hands-on learning

Placement Assistance

100% Job Placement assistance


Avilable in Both Language Hindi & English

What Will You Learn

Introduction to Data Analytics

You will gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of data analytics, including its importance, process, and applications in various industries.

Data Collection and Preparation

You will learn techniques for gathering and acquiring data from different sources, including databases, APIs, web scraping, and data cleaning methods to ensure data quality and consistency.

Statistical Analysis

You will study statistical methods and techniques used in data analytics, such as hypothesis testing, regression analysis, correlation analysis, and analysis of variance (ANOVA), to extract insights and make data-driven decisions.

Networking devices and their functions

You will learn about various networking devices, including routers, switches, hubs, repeaters, modems, firewalls, and wireless access points. You will also learn about their functions and how they work together to form a network.

Data Mining and Machine Learning:

You will be introduced to data mining and machine learning algorithms used for predictive modeling and pattern recognition. You will learn how to apply algorithms like decision trees, logistic regression, clustering, and association rules to extract insights from data.

Big Data Analytics

You will be introduced to big data concepts and technologies like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, which enable the processing and analysis of large and complex datasets.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA):

You will learn how to explore and visualize data using descriptive statistics, data visualization tools, and techniques to identify patterns, trends, and relationships within the data.

Data Visualization

You will learn the principles and techniques of effective data visualization using tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Python libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn. You will create visual representations that communicate complex data in a clear and meaningful way.

Ethical and Legal Considerations:

You will explore the ethical and legal aspects of data analytics, including privacy, data protection, and responsible use of data.

Job Opportunities

The job market is constantly evolving, but here are five high-demand job opportunities across various industries:

1. Data Analyst:

Data analysts are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to help organizations make informed decisions. They work with large datasets, perform statistical analysis, create reports and visualizations, and provide actionable insights to drive business growth.

2. Business Intelligence Analyst:

Business intelligence analysts focus on transforming raw data into meaningful information to support strategic business decisions.

3. Cybersecurity Analyst:

With the increasing number of cyber threats, cybersecurity analysts are in high demand. They are responsible for protecting computer systems and networks from potential security breaches. They identify vulnerabilities, implement security measures, and respond to security incidents.

4. Data Mining Specialist

Utilizes advanced techniques to extract valuable insights and patterns from large datasets, often using machine learning algorithms.

5. Data Analyst Consultant

Works with clients from various industries to analyze their data, provide strategic recommendations, and assist in implementing data-driven solutions.

Course Curriculum

  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Front-End UI Frameworks
  • HTML, CSS, JS and DOM
  • Bootstrap, JQuery
  • NPM Scripts, Angular, Flask
  • Development Environment Setup, Git Setup
  • Basics of Java Programming
    • Back-End Development


    • MongoDB


    • Express


    • AngularJs


    • NodeJs


    • PostgreSQL, Git, Swagger


    • Searching, Sorting, SDLC,


    • Software Testing Basics
  • Back-End Development
    PostgreSQL, Git, Swagger
    Searching, Sorting, SDLC,
    Software Testing Basics 
  • Back-End Development
  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • AngularJs
  • NodeJs
  • PostgreSQL,
  • Git, Swagger
  • Searching, Sorting, SDLC,
  • Software Testing Basics
  • App Development using Meteor
  • Distributed Architectures
  • Microservices Architectures, DevOps
  • Cloud Native Deployment
  • Redis, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS
  • Additional Topic: Networking
  • Additional Topic: Cloud

Data AnalyticsCertification

This  Data Analytics  course rewards you with a certificate of course completion. This is proof of your diligence and sustained endeavor.

Our Data Analytics Program is exhaustive and this certificate is proof that you have taken a big leap in mastering the domain.

The knowledge and Data Analytics skills you’ve gained working on projects, simulations, case studies will set you ahead of the competition.

Talk about your Data Analytics certification on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, boost your resume, or frame it – tell your friends and colleagues about it.

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Yes, This course is meant for candidates with basic knowledge of computer It is suitable for beginners. 

If You not attend the class room session next day we repeat the main tpoics

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